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The Best Robot Vacuums
for 2023

The robot vacuums market has evolved a lot in the past years. Today it is not necessary to spend a fortune to get this technology and make our lives easier.

A robot that goes around the house and cleans all day sounds like an expensive luxury, but if having the most advanced features in your RoboVac is not a priority for you, it is possible to find affordable options with a lot of useful features like remote control, programming, anti-fall and anti-collision sensors.

Best Roomba for you in 2023

The Roomba robot vacuum cleaners were introduced in 2002. iRobot, the company behind the Roomba, was founded in 1990. It is reputed for developing the most advanced technologies in this market. In addition, it has sold more than 30 million units being the most popular brand in this segment. For many people, Roomba is a synonym for a robot vacuum cleaner.

Roomba with mop or
Braava series

There are many options of robot vacuums with mopping capabilities, however, iRobot (the company behind the Roomba vacuum cleaners) has chosen to create a dedicated robot for mopping. The company promotes bundles of the Roomba and Braava robots to offer a complete solution for your vacuum and mopping needs.

Best robot vacuum
for pet hair

Do you want to know which is the best
robot vacuum for pet hair?


In this guide, you will find the best models on the market, according to the experts, the ratings of the customers,
 and the analyses made by this website.

Replacement parts for Roomba

Buying good quality replacement parts for your Roomba is the best way to ensure that it will be in perfect working condition and that we will get the best performance.

Let’s see the best options of replacement parts and accessories for your Roomba vacuum cleaner


Robot vacuum buying guide (Pros and Cons)

Often called RoboVac, a Robot Vacuum is an autonomous device that has intelligent programming for vacuum floor cleaning. In the last years, the technology of this kind of vacuum cleaner has evolved a lot. Today there are more and better options for every need and budget.